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photo of a UNCG student collaborating with two university staff members

UNC Greensboro creates remarkable real-world impact, every day.

You see it every day. In the hard work, inventive ideas, and powerful collaborations that define our communities. In schools, hospitals, and businesses. The everyday and extraordinary achievements that add up to the remarkable impact of UNC Greensboro.

You see it in our students – those who have excelled their entire lives and those bursting with potential that needs to be cultivated. Students from right next door and around the globe share a beautiful and growing campus seamlessly woven into our community and deeply connected to our city. UNC Greensboro is home to a rich array of students who find one thing in common – a welcoming campus, and a place to belong, thrive, and achieve their best, each in their own way. Here they immerse themselves in a transformative experience that combines rigorous learning with tenacious, intentional support. They develop their abilities, deepen their understanding, and hone their work ethic.

You see it in faculty who – in the classroom, the lab, and the community – co-create and share the knowledge that makes our region and our world healthier, more vibrant, and more prosperous. Faculty with the vision to do great research, and the commitment to be great teachers.

You see it in the engagement of our faculty, staff, and students with our hometown – in the center of our state – where we are an engine of prosperity, innovation, creativity, and service.

It is as true today as it has been for more than 125 years: UNC Greensboro is relentlessly focused on helping each student unleash their potential and make a meaningful impact with their life, in our community, and around the world, every day.